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Rocky Point Union Free School District District | Driver Education


Update 9/12/20:

New York State Education Department as well as New York State DMV is allowing the district to teach the remaining portion of the Spring 2020 course online via remote instruction and the parent/guardian is responsible for the in-vehicle instruction.  We are offering this to the students that were enrolled in the Spring 2020 class that was suspended  in March 2020, due to Covid-19.  We hope to start a new class January 2021.  Please check back in November for registration details.


UPDATE OF MAY 29, 2020: 

Governor Cuomo announced on 5/21/20, that school buildings will not open for summer school this year unless taught through distant learning. Therefore as a result, this summer’s Rocky Point Community Education Programs will not be taking place this year.  We are currently awaiting further instruction from the NY State Education Department, as well as, the DMV for Drivers Education before going ahead with any future scheduling of courses. Thank you for your understanding.


UPDATE OF MARCH 25, 2020: We have been in contact with the State Department which oversees the Driver’s Education program in order to address concerns and to provide accurate information. The District completed a survey that was sent to us indicating our questions and concerns which include potential make-up time, overlap sessions, potentially waived hours, and online lecture. 

We are working with the Department of Motor Vehicles, council’s office, and New York State Education Department (NYSED)  administration to resolve these policy questions and provide you with the answers you need.  As soon as we have information to share, we will let you know.

Students must attend 16 lectures and 16 driving classes. There will be one make up class allowed for lecture class. 

Preference will be taken into consideration and is not a guarantee. Assignments may be based on date of birth.  For additional information call 631-849-6168.

Download the Spring Application and Calendar

Download the Fall Application and Calendar

 Once the program begins, no refunds will be issued.





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