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Rocky Point Union Free School District District | Next STEP


(Next S.T.E.P.)

The Rocky Point Union Free School District Five-Year Strategic Plan for 2018-2023

The challenges facing American school systems are both unique to our time and possess many characteristics of the demands placed on the American educational system over the preceding half-century. The public call for accountability, fiscal restraint, and, most importantly, continuously improving outcomes for all students is the factor that defines our guiding mission.

The Rocky Point Union Free School District embraces the challenges and opportunities that exist to move our school system forward toward the overarching goal of improving outcomes for all students. Toward that end, stakeholders in our school system have partnered to continue the process of articulating our vision for the future. This strategic plan, Next S.T.E.P., is the product of their efforts and is a testament to our collective commitment to providing opportunities for success to all students.

Through the District’s guiding goals of academic excellence, organizational  development, and fiscal sustainability,  Next S.T.E.P. defines the actions necessary to achieve our goals and attain our vision for student success. Indeed, through the efforts of representatives from all of our stakeholder groups, this strategic plan embodies that which we have collectively identified as important to us, the school community, and how we propose to succeed in attaining our goals.

Our school system is an organization of people, working toward advancing the community. Each day, hundreds  of dedicated professionals come together with a single focus – working to improve outcomes for the thousands of students we are  here to educate. These professionals, with the support of the community, are the engine that will drive the District to continued successful implementation of this plan.

Just as the people of our community are the critical elements to our future success, the goals we set forth and the strategies  to attain these goals must be realistic and attainable in the time allotted and with the resources provided or success may be elusive. Thanks to the tireless work of the many stakeholders who produced this plan, the action steps, timelines, and resources required, Next S.T.E.P. represents practical processes for accomplishing all we have set out to achieve.

The possibilities for our students and, indeed, our community are limited only by our vision of what we are capable of achieving. This plan is a testament to our commitment to sustain our mission, fulfill our goals, and dedicate ourselves to continuous improvement.

Sunday, October 25, 2020   |  District Home