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Shrek The Musical, Jr.

Shrek The Musical, Jr. Photo

Rocky Point Middle School’s talented student-actors took to the stage to perform the comical Broadway musical, “Shrek The Musical Jr.”

The students rehearsed for months leading up to the two-night showing in March to bring the familiar characters to life. In addition to the students who performed on stage, middle school and high school students worked behind the scenes as part of the stage crew. 

Mark Twain Winners 2017

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 Mark Twain Contest!

The winners for literature are:

9th Grade Prose

1st Honors – Cassidy Sander

2nd Honors – Molly Lambert

Honorable Mention – Samantha Curran

9th Grade Poetry

1st Honors – Ayva Hill

2nd Honors – Alexander Samuilov

Honorable Mention – Emily Farrell

Honorable Mention – Megan Cheshire


10th Grade Prose

1st Honors – Jack Hamilton

2nd Honors – Allison Bernhard

10th Grade Poetry

1st Honors – Ethan Brown

2nd Honors – Jenna Vatter

11th Grade Prose

1st Honors – Fiona Lambert

2nd Honors – Jade Pinkenburg

Honorable Mention – Georgia Grudier

11th Grade Poetry

1st Honors – Elizabeth Castellucci

2nd Honors – Alexandria Kenny

Honorable Mention – Alexis Jann

Honorable Mention – Elizabeth Castellucci


12th Grade Prose

1st Honors – Hunter Gill

2nd Honors – Matt Rivera

Honorable Mention – Sam Giacoia

Honorable Mention – Sam Giacoia

12th Grade Poetry

1st Honors – Nina Brown

2nd Honors – Nina Brown

Honorable Mention – Samantha Napoli

Honorable Mention – Joseph Wilson


The winners for art are:

9th Grade

1st Honors - Kiana Hammarth

2nd Honors - Ava Reichle

Honorable Mention - Cassidy Sander

10th Grade

1st Honors - Heather Kuhn

2nd Honors - Sabrina Duenas

Honorable Mention - Lea Miller

11th Grade

1st Honors - Lauren Curley

2nd Honors - Olivia Bush

Honorable Mention - Alex Kenny

12th Grade

1st Honors - Miranda Valleau

2nd Honors - Brianna Florio

Honorable Mention - Kovan Joell

Digital Imaging - Vector Based

1st Honors - Nicole Washington

2nd Honors - Prima Mandolfo

Digital Imaging- Rastar Based

1st Honors - Kelly Phillips

2nd Honors - Jenna Salzan

Honorable Mention - KT Sullivan


1st Honors - Bernard Sanchez

2nd Honors - Miranda Valleau

Honorable Mention - Kateryna Lyashenko

Residents Invited to Join Community ‘Hope Walk for Addiction’

The Town of Brookhaven, along with Hope House Ministries, will host a community “Hope Walk for Addiction” on April 22 beginning at 10:30 a.m. The event will be held along the Town’s Cedar Beach Nature Walk in Mount Sinai. 

The walk is designed to generate awareness and raise funds to help fight drug and alcohol addiction and save lives. All proceeds will benefit Hope House Ministries and their work to help fight addiction and care for those trapped by drug and alcohol abuse. 
The organizers believe that no one is too young or too old to make a difference in the lives of others in need. 
For more information about the event, please see the attached flyer or visit or


Promoting Peaceful Buses

Promoting Peaceful Buses Photo
As part of the district’s ongoing commitment to character education, students at Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School have engaged in a new initiative this spring called the “Peaceful Bus Program.” 

This schoolwide program is designed to promote the importance of good behavior, create a climate of respect and cooperation, and change the social dynamics on a school bus by building strong relationships among students and the bus driver. The aim is to develop a positive and safe environment for all students and to increase their sense of responsibility for what happens on the school bus.

The program was organized by JAE assistant principal Dr. Courtney Herbert with the help of the school’s bus drivers. Teachers and bus drivers met with students to enhance their bus community through a character education activity.  Additionally, the school created a bulletin board of all of the bus route groups to serve as an ongoing reminder of these relationships.  

Wearing “Lots of Socks” to Raise Awareness

Wearing “Lots of Socks” to Raise Awareness Photo

Students and staff members throughout the district sported “Lots of Socks” on March 21 in support of World Down Syndrome Day. This day is internationally recognized as a day to organize and participate in activities and events to raise public awareness for issues affecting individuals with Down syndrome.

The recognize the day, individuals wore colorful socks to create a conversation about advocating for the well-being of people with Down Syndrome. In addition to wearing the colorful footwear, participants also donated funds to support the Down Syndrome Advocacy Foundation. 



STEM at FJC Pic 1

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day


Community members of all ages came together at Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School to celebrate the building’s annual Senior Citizen St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast.

Served by the fifth-grade Student Council, the attending seniors enjoyed a complimentary breakfast, warm beverages and an entertaining performance by the fifth-grade select chorus “High Notes.” From beloved songs such as “Danny Boy” and “An Irish Lullaby” to fun pieces such as “Green, Green, Green,” the crowd was impressed with the students’ collective musical talents.

As part of the High Notes performances, several students showcased their individual vocal talents by singing solos and even serving as student conductors. In addition to the musical performances, audience members also enjoyed a few dance performances by local student-Irish step dancers.

Showing Support

Showing Support Photo

Rocky Point Middle School students and staff members blanketed the school’s gymnasium in a sea of green as they rallied together to raise funds to combat childhood cancers during this year’s St. Baldrick’s event.

Surrounded by Irish step dancers and professional bag pipers, more than 25 individuals took part in the main portion of the event by bravely shave their heads to show support for those living with cancer. The haircuts were provided free of charge with the help of the stylists in the high school’s cosmetology program.

Donors pledged funds to support the shavees’ efforts, all of which will benefit local charities that help support people with cancer.

Last year the school raised more than $8,000 for the cause and this year they surpassed that amount and have raised more than $13,000 to date. While many students, staff members and community residents contributed to the overall fundraising efforts, student Quentin Palifka was named the top fundraiser, having individually collected $4,000.

Budget and Proposed Capital Reserve Referendum Presentation


Penguin Study

Penguin Study

As part of their multi-week study, Frank J. Carasiti Elementary School first-graders in Jennifer Meschi’s class showcased their knowledge of penguins through written and visual forms.

Throughout the lesson, the students learned about the 17 types of penguins and wrote nonfiction books about a specific type. They used various sources to complete their research and shared information about how they move, their size and what they look like. Additionally, the students observed penguins via a live webcam.  

The students’ Parade of Penguins, including life-size drawings of penguins, was displayed outside of their classroom and the class enjoyed celebrating their achievements by dressing like penguins on “Penguin Day.”

Songwriter Leaves Lasting Impression

Songwriter Leaves Lasting Impression
Songwriter Leaves Lasting Impression 2
Songwriter Leaves Lasting Impression 3
Messages of positivity and kindness resounded off the auditorium walls when Rocky Point Middle School students attended an assembly program with award-winning singer and songwriter Jared Campbell.

During the program, called the Blue Project, Mr. Campbell weaved messages about creating an environment of acceptance and positive character through thought-provoking songs and personal stories. The students left the program inspired to be the change they want to see in the world and to thank those who make a difference in their lives.

Painting Memories

Painting Memories
Painting Memories 2
Painting Memories 3
Working in conjunction with the Memory Project, Rocky Point High School’s drawing and painting class students created artistic keepsakes for 20 children in war-torn Syria.

Under the guidance of teacher Greg Armine, the students drew individual lifelike portraits for this special group of children who are currently living in orphanages and refugee camps. The students based their work on photos of the children provided by the organization.
According to a letter from Memory Project Director Ben Schumaker, “For these children, receiving the portraits you create will be a very special, fun and meaningful event – not only adding color to the monotony of the camp, but also helping to show that people far away care about their well-being.”

Exploring the World of Physics

Exploring the World of Physics
Exploring the World of Physics 2
Exploring the World of Physics 3
Rocky Point High School’s AP Physics class taught by Jack Nielsen took an up-close look at some of the concepts they are learning during a recent trip to Adelphi University.

During their visit, the students took a tour through the physics department and met with current Adelphi physics students and professors. The hosting professionals gave various demonstrations related to physics, such as experimentally determining the speed of light, exploring the effects of polarization and presentations of research in laser technology.  

The trip was a great opportunity for students to see the application of physics and how they can further expand on their knowledge of the science after high school.

Robotic Inventors Earn Praise

Robotic Inventors Earn Praise
Robotic Inventors Earn Praise 2
Rocky Point Middle School’s Radical Robotix robotic team has taken on this year’s competition season with much success and most recently earned high honors at the Long Island Championships held at Longwood High School in March.

Going up against 40 of the best FIRST Lego League Robotics teams from across Long Island, Rocky Point’s Radical Robotix team won the prestigious "Innovative Solution Award" for their project design of a "Pet Rescue Door." This project design is one that would automatically open a door when triggered by a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector. The team built a working prototype based on their inspiration from the tragic events of a local family who suffered the loss of a pet during a home fire.
In addition, the project was so well received and the students’ presentation was found to be exceptional that the judges also presented them with the "Global Innovation Award.” This award in essence nominates the team to submit their project for further recognition and for the chance to compete in the national competition held in Washington D.C.  

The district congratulates the following team members along with their coach Mark Moorman and assistant coach Dorothy Burns.

James Carmody
Oskar Chorzepa
Eve Hald
Madelyn Knopfke
Nick O'Shea
Leila Reidl
Marco Tanza
 Misha Zaslavsky
Sasha Zaslavsky

Young Artists’ Work on Display

Young Artists’ Work on Display
Original pieces of art created by Frank J. Carasiti Elementary School students Kaylee Muller and Josiah Ramos were selected for showcase during this year’s Colors of Long Island Art Show at the Long Island Museum in Stony Brook.

The students’ pieces will be on exhibit at the museum through April 16. The exhibit features art from students in kindergarten through 12th grade from 179 participating schools from across Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  

The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music

Rocky Point High School student-actors and musicians took to the stage to bring the beloved Rodgers and Hammerstein musical “The Sound of Music” to life.

The students dazzled audiences of all ages with their talents as they eloquently told the familiar story of Captain von Trapp, his large family of children and their witty governess living in Austria before the Anschluss. From the familiar tunes of “The Hills are Alive” to “My Favorite Things,” the students’ well choreographed dance routines and vocal performances entertained audiences during their multi-night run, including a free performance for local senior citizens.

A Celebration of Seuss

A Celebration of Seuss
A Celebration of Seuss 2
First-grade students in Jennifer Meschi’s class at Frank J. Carasiti Elementary School in the Rocky Point School District participated in a number of hands-on educational activities in honor of Dr. Seuss’ March 2 birthday and the National Read Across America Day initiative.

As part of the celebration, special guest readers visited the class to share their favorite Dr. Seuss book with the students. Additionally, the students created colorful Cat in the Hat headwear and enjoyed reading some of their favorite stories throughout the day.

Swimmer Wins States

Swimmer Wins States

Rocky Point High School senior Chris O'Shea won the 100-meter fly event at this year’s New York State Swimming and Diving Championships. Chris’ time of 48.76 in the event also earned him All-American status.

Throughout his swimming career, Chris has amassed numerous accolades. During this year’s State Championship he also placed second in the 100-meter backstroke with a time of 49.26 and was recognized by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association as an All-State Scholar Athlete.

The Rocky Point School District congratulates Chris on his countless accomplishments and wishes him the best of luck as he continues his athletic journey at Eastern Michigan University, where he plans to major in Exercise Science/Athletic Training in addition to taking part in the school’s swimming program.

Poetry Slam

Poetry Slam
Poetry Slam 2
Poetry Slam 3
Rocky Point Middle School’s library was filled to capacity as more than 20 students and staff members celebrated original works of literature and took to the microphone during this year’s afterschool poetry slam.

Throughout the program, readers shared original poems, pieces by famous poets and spoke about their interest in each of the selections. Once their readings were finished, the audience generated positive feedback in the form of snaps.

Science Research Awards

Rocky Point High School senior Pooja Deshpande and juniors Kyle Markland and Jade Pinkenburg recently earned top honors for their original research projects during two prestigious competitions.

The students were selected to present at the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium after submitting papers describing their research and each were named semifinalists. As a result of their presentations, Jade received third place in the biology division and Kyle received first place in the math and computer science division, which advances him to the next round of competition.

In addition to this contest, both Pooja and Kyle presented their research at the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair and Kyle was selected to advance to the next round of that competition as well.

Project Overviews:

Pooja Deshpande: (Two Projects)
Project Title: (JSHS) The Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Plant Seeds
Pooja explored seeds that had been exposed to ionizing radiation at a tandem accelerator at Brookhaven National Laboratory. They were grown in order to assess the effects of the radiation on survival and growth of seeds. This has potential applications to the problem of growing food in space.

Project Title: (LISEF) Characterizing recovery of functional motor behaviors after rostral and caudal cervical spinal cord injuries in adult rats.
Pooja worked over the summer in a lab at Stony Brook University where she monitored the recovery of rats after they were surgically injured in order to better understand how injuries to the nervous system can be treated.

Kyle Markland:
Project Title: Improving GPS Accuracy through Integration of an IMU and Novel Software
Kyle wrote software to integrate an IMU (inertial measurement unit) into a GPS system in order to see if the accuracy of the GPS could be improved. GPS accuracy will need to be improved to successfully navigate self-driving cars.

Jade Pinkenburg:
Project Title: Interspecies Gene Transfer
Jade's experiment looked at whether genes could be exchanged between bacteria and several other species of protists and fungi in a process known as horizontal gene transfer. This has implications in better understanding how genetic diversity has arisen in species.

Studying a Swordsman’s Game

Studying a Swordsman’s Game

Rocky Point Middle School students learned about swordsmanship, a sport and recreational activity with deep roots in history when owners of Mission Fencing visited and conducted in-class workshops for them.

During their physical education classes, the students learned about the evolution of the sport and the different types of swords used during duels and their early connections to self-defense. In addition, using pool noodles, the students practiced a few basic steps and competition moves.

Becoming Change Makers

Becoming Change Makers

Nearly 110 Rocky Point High School students and 25 staff members came together this winter to become ambassadors for change as they took part in the building’s Challenge Day program.

The event focused on ways the participants could help to create a world where everyone feels safe, loved and celebrated. Throughout the day, attendees participated in a series of activities designed to promote connections, including lighthearted bonding activities to a powerful “Crossing the Line” activity that provided a visual look at how oppression has affected many in the room and provided comfort to them knowing they were not alone.

In the hopes of paying the lessons of the day forward, Principal Susann Crossan noted that, “The idea is for the students who participated in Challenge Day to share what they have learned to promote kindness and to help build a positive school culture.”

Celebrating Historic Individuals

Celebrating Historic Individuals

In honor of Black History Month, seventh-grade students in Grant Connelly’s classes at Rocky Point Middle School helped to blanket the school with information about some of the most influential African-Americans.

As part of a research project, the students chose an individual from throughout American history and spent several class periods in the library learning about them. From their research, they created informative posters highlighting the societal and worldly contributions of their selected person.

The students shared these completed projects, which featured such individuals as Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks and Duke Ellington, with their classmates before displaying the visual information boards around the building for all to enjoy and learn from.

Varsity Cheer Wins County Championship

Varsity Cheer Wins County Championship
Congratulations to the Rocky Point High School Varsity Cheerleading team for winning the Suffolk County Championship this past weekend! The team will now compete for the New York State Championship next Saturday in Syracuse.

April 19, 2017--BOE Meeting Call to Order 5 PM; Public Session 7 PM

BOE Meeting 4/19/17

Call to Order - 5 PM

Public Session – 7 PM

Wrestlers Capture County Champs!

Wrestlers Capture County Champs!
Rocky Point High School’s varsity wrestling team won their first-ever Suffolk County Tournament Championship at Suffolk County Community College, Brentwood; outperforming every other school in Suffolk County.
In addition to the team win, junior Anthony Sciotto earned the Suffolk County Individual title at 113 pounds after pinning all four of his opponents and winning the prestigious "Most Pins in Least Time" trophy. Furthermore, Anthony Cirillo placed second and will, along with Sciotto represent Suffolk County at the New York State Wrestling Championships in Albany in March.

Several other wrestlers earned All-County honors. These included senior Dylan Zabbara, who placed third at 160 pounds, senior Matt Capell, who placed fifth at 220 pounds, freshman Evan Matias, who placed fifth at 106 pounds, and freshman Logan Sciotto, who placed sixth at 106 pounds.

“This was a true team effort that only came to fruition through the efforts of all our county qualifiers, even those who fell short of becoming All County,” said coach Darren Goldstein. “Important matches were also won by senior Mike Laccasaglia, senior Bobby Casazza, sophomore Justin Amendola, junior Ryan Callahan and senior Leo Burke.”

Spring 2017 Community Education Offerings

Spring 2017 Community Education Offerings


Chosen for Artistic Showcase

Chosen for Artistic Showcase
Rocky Point Middle School sixth-grader Melissa Barrett and eighth-grader Sarah Mergott were selected to have their original art pieces showcased in the 2017 Colors of Long Island art exhibit at the Long Island Museum in Stony Brook.

The students’ artwork will be on display from Feb. 24 through April 16. The exhibit will feature art from students in kindergarten through 12th grade from 179 participating schools.  

Perfect Results

Perfect Results
Rocky Point High School junior Jade Pinkenburg has accomplished something less than one-tenth of 1 percent of students who take the exam have – a perfect score on the American College Test.

Jade earned the top mark of 36 on the December ACT exam, demonstrating his high level of knowledge in the areas of English, mathematics, reading and science. This was the first time he has taken the exam, but not the first time he had earned high marks on the national level. Previously he earned a 1570 (out of 1600) composite score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test, earning perfect marks on the math portion.

When asked what advice he would offer students who are preparing for either exam, Jade encouraged his peers to “trust your instincts, have faith in yourselves and take your time with it. Be sure to read all directions and sections carefully,” he said.
While he still has one more year of high school left, Jade is aspiring to go into the engineering field and has applied to take a summer engineering program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

At Rocky Point, Jade is an active member of several clubs and organizations, including robotics, spring track and the guitar club. He also volunteers at the North Shore Youth Council.

Public Notice: Board of Education Open Seats

Anyone interested in running for the two (2) seats on the Board of Education, which will become open effective July 1, 2017 due to the lawful expiration of the term of the current BOE trustees, for the term beginning 7/1/17 and ending 6/30/20, please contact Kelly White, District Clerk, at 631.849.7510.

Packets will be available beginning on March 1, 2017. The deadline for submission of completed candidate petitions is 5 p.m. on Monday, April 17, 2017.

The Power of Symbols and Words

The Power of Symbols and Words
The Power of Symbols and Words2
The Power of Symbols and Words3
Nearly 40 members of Rocky Point Middle School’s Friends of Rachel Club and the Natural Helpers Club, along with their advisors Sherin Shanahan and Joseph Settepani, joined together with students from 15 Long Island school districts to promote acceptance and understanding as they took part in a workshop called “The Power of Symbols and Words.”

The event, which took place at Suffolk County Community College in Brentwood, focused on the importance of understanding how words and symbols can hurt if used negatively. During the program, the students viewed a video called “Fear, Hatred, and Hope: The Power of Symbols,” listened to various speakers from different backgrounds, watched skit performances from high school drama clubs depicting acceptance and discussed sub-topics about differences and how words and symbols are very powerful.  

The field trip aimed to inspire students to bring back what they learned to their home schools and spread the awareness through club activities.
The event was sponsored by the Suffolk Center on the Holocaust, Diversity and Human Understanding, the Suffolk County Interfaith Anti-Bias Task Force and the Suffolk County Human Rights Commission.

Promoting Kindness

Promoting Kindness
Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School fifth-graders in Dave Falcone’s class are cultivating kindness in the school and community as part of a multiyear initiative named “Got Kindness?”

As part of the project, the class has created bulletin boards highlighting the kind acts of school community members and student writing pieces. The students are also distributing "Seeds of Kindness" cards to help cultivate kind acts and have created a “No Bully Zone” display that features specific strategies for students to encourage fellow classmates to always be kind and helpful toward others.

The initiative is funded through a grant Mr. Falcone received from the ReesSpecht Life Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to remind people about the importance of community, compassion and respect.  The organization promotes the ideals of cultivating kindness through a memorial scholarship, teacher grants, and an awareness campaign featuring "Seeds of Kindness" and "Pay it Forward" cards.

Repeat County Champs

Repeat County Champs
Rocky Point High School’s varsity wrestling team has continued their successful season as they recently won the Suffolk County Dual Meet Championship and were named repeat Suffolk County Champions.

In the first round of the contest, the team defeated Center Moriches 54-18, in the quarterfinals scored 46-19 over Mount Sinai, outperformed Connetquot in the semifinal round with a score of 57-13, and was victorious over Hauppauge in the final championship round with a score of 37-31.

Earlier this season the team also won the North Babylon Invitational Competition, Center Moriches Duals Competition, and the Patchogue Medford Christmas Tournament. Additionally, they were named League Dual Meet champions for the fourth consecutive year and secured an undefeated 7-0 league record.

Cheering to First Place

Cheering to First Place
The Rocky Point varsity cheerleaders took home a first-place win and earned their highest score last weekend during the West Islip New York State Public High School Athletic Association invitational competition. This is Rocky Point's fourth first place victory this season.

The invitational competitions are the deciding factor in who attends the County Championship in late February and Rocky Point has improved its score each week. The team is led by captains Samantha Ferrara, Kristin Flatley, Jules Joy, Bailey Klein, Morganne Nofi, Brittany Reh and Lauren Utting and under the direction of coaches Arianna Scanlon and Anna Spallina.

Earlier this year the team qualified to compete at the United Cheerleading Association National Championship in Orlando, Florida.

February 6, 2017 - Budget Presentation


Sharing Dreams

Sharing Dreams
Sharing Dreams 2
In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Kelly Birnstein’s class at Frank J. Carasiti Elementary School learned about Dr. King’s dream for a better world and spoke about their dreams for the world and what types of things they want to pursue when they are older.

The students created a cloud bulletin board to showcase the dreams they shared and a multisensory art project to celebrate diversity. The class invited members of the school community – both peers and faculty members – to join in the celebration by adding extra dream filled paper clouds to the bulletin board.

Swimmers Head to County Championship

Swimmers Head to County Championship
Rocky Point boys swimmers Christopher O'Shea and Andrew Spina have qualified for and will swim at the Suffolk County Championship Meet.  

Christopher, a senior, will participate in the 200 freestyle and 100 backstroke. Andrew, an eighth grader, qualified for and will swim the 100 fly at the meet.  

In addition to qualifying, Christopher has captured the best times for the 2016-17 season in the entire county for the 200 freestyle, 100 backstroke and 100 fly events.  

The Suffolk Championships are scheduled for Saturday, February 18th at Suffolk County Community College, Brentwood Campus. There is a $6 admission fee for spectators.

“WARM”-ing up with a Good Book

Good Book1

Students throughout Joseph Edgar Intermediate School celebrated their love of reading during a monthlong initiative called WARM (We Are Reading More).

Hoping to reach a schoolwide goal of 500,000 minutes, they were asked to read in school and at home for enjoyment, and also engaged in a number of literacy based activities.

Author Douglas Florian visited the students as part of the program and in preparation for his visit, teachers and students read his books and created dragons related to his poetry. Some classes held poetry slams and poetry parades in which they recited his published pieces, and other classes created posters and signs welcoming Mr. Florian to the school.  

In recognition of the school surpassing their goal of 500,000 minutes, students earned a number of raffle prizes. However, the biggest treat was being able to see their teachers take part in competitive yet silly  races, where they competed in various events from a ping-pong ball catch game to a toilet paper mummy wrapping.

Budding Business Entrepreneurs

Juniors and seniors enrolled in Rocky Point High School’s Virtual Enterprises class are learning about the complex business world in a hands-on way, as they have conceptualized and designed a budding business from the ground up.

As part of the full year elective, the students created a multi-faceted business plan focused on a video game streaming company they called “OmniStreem – All Powerful Gaming” and assumed different managerial and associate positions within the organization. Working in small teams or business departments they devised a marketing plan, analyzed company profitability, reviewed current industry offerings and constructed a full financial report on the proposed company.
“Through all of these activities, VE students learn professionalism, business acumen, corporate knowledge, presentation skills and teamwork,” said teacher Dorothy Burns. “Students also develop hands-on knowledge of the expectations of both the workplace and the global economy as VE replicates all the functions of a real business.”

The students presented their completed project during this year’s Virtual Enterprises Long Island Trade Show and Business Plan Presentation at Farmingdale State College. Out of more than 40 firms represented at the event, Rocky Point won third place for “most creative firm.”

In addition to the entrepreneurial skills acquired, the students also learned valuable job market lessons, as they were required to complete a job application and recruitment process. Throughout the course they also gained valuable insight from a variety of professionals, including those serving on the Brookhaven Business Advisory Council.

VE is an in-school, live, global business simulation that places emphasis on project-based, collaborative learning and the development of entrepreneurial skills. This experiential learning model program is made up of a global network of student-run businesses in over 40 countries. It transforms high school students into business professionals and their classrooms into offices.



For the 2017-2018 School Year

Print out a PDF copy of our form.

In accordance with Chapter 3635 of the NYS Education Law, all requests for transportation to a private or parochial school for the 2017-2018 school year must be submitted in writing to the Transportation Office postmarked” before April 1, 2017. Transportation request forms are available at the Business Office in the District Office located at:

90 Rocky Point-Yaphank Road ~ Rocky Point, NY 11778
(North Portable)

Additional information can be obtained by calling:

District Transportation Office

Thursday, March 30, 2017   |  District Home