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Rocky Point Union Free School District Schools | Frank J. Carasiti Elementary


90 Rocky Point-Yaphank Road | Rocky Point, NY 11778
Phone: (631) 744-1601 | Fax: (631) 744-1396
Principal: Jason Westerlund | Assistant Principal: Nicole Pletka
Hours: 9:30 AM - 3:50 PM 
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September 2022

Dear FJC families,

Thursday morning, we opened our doors to our returning first and second grade students, as well as our new group of Kindergartners (the graduating class of 2035).  It was such a gift seeing so many smiling faces, and hearing the excitement that only the start of a new school year can bring.  Thank you all for helping to make our first few days together safe, smooth, and fun for all.

As we kick off the year, there are many new and exciting events happenings here at FJC.  We look forward to seeing you all at our open school nights, and are hoping many of you will join us to march in this year’s Homecoming Parade.  Please see the list of dates below that highlight many of our upcoming events:

September 12- Kindergarten Open School Night- 6 pm
September 13- First Grade Open School Night- 6 pm
September 14- Second Grade Open School Night- 6 pm
September 13 & 14-Picture Day (please see the handout from your teacher for what date your child’s class is scheduled)
September 17- PTA Farm Fun @ Bakewicz Farms- 11 am
September 19- Board of Education Meeting- High School Auditorium at 7 pm
September 21- FJC Shared Decision Meeting- Library 3:50 pm
September 26 & 27- Rosh Hashanah (School Closed)
September 28- PTA Meeting- Middle School Library 7 pm
October 1- Homecoming Parade- Come join and march with us at 1 pm

We also wanted to share just a few reminders to help ensure a smooth school year:

Dismissal- Our default dismissal for all students is via the bus, unless you have sent a letter letting us know of different dismissal procedures.  If you have any dismissal changes, please make sure to send a letter with your child in the morning. 
If you are picking your child up, you should have a car tag.  Every family is assigned a number in order to dismiss students quickly and safely.  If you are picking your child up and you did not already pick up a new tag for the 2022-2023 school year, please stop by between 10:00 and 2:00 during the school day to do so.  If you have any questions, please contact the main office.

Communication and collaboration between the school community and families is one of the ingredients to student success.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your child’s teacher.  If you need any additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the building administrators as we all work together to ensure we are creating the best environment for your child.

Thank you again for your support and partnership as we begin this new year together.

Gratefully yours, 

Jason Westerlund                                      Nicole Pletka

        Jason Westerlund                                                                                 Nicole Pletka

                Principal                                                                                     Assistant Principal



Inclement Weather When school is closed due to inclement weather, bad road conditions, or other emergencies, please listen to one of the following radio/TV stations for the announcements regarding Rocky Point Schools: WALK Storm Center 97.5 FM WBLI /WBAB Storm Center 106.1 FM WRCN 103.9 FM NEWS 12 LI

The Rocky Point Union Free School District uses Connect-ED, a school-to-parent telephone notification system, as part of our efforts to communicate more effectively with parents or guardians. Connect-ED will enable the Rocky Point Union Free School District to notify families immediately in the event of a snow day or school-wide emergency. The system can deliver up to 3,000 messages within minutes—ensuring that you quickly know what's going on. To receive these messages, FJC must have your up-to-date contact information. If you move, change jobs, or obtain a new cell phone number, be sure to log onto the eSchool Parent Portal to update your information so you won't miss a single Connect-ED message.

Two-Hour Delayed Opening
When road conditions in the early morning are hazardous but are expected to improve rapidly as the morning progresses, the District may utilize a two-hour delayed opening for all schools. Students will report to their bus stops exactly two hours later than they normally would. Dismissal for all schools will be at their normal times. This delayed opening may also be used for other emergencies. Notice of the delayed opening will be made as early as possible and broadcast on the listed radio stations and TV-Cablevision News 12 and the District's Connect-ED Telephone Notification System will be activated. In the event that we cannot transport students to school as a result of a “two-hour delayed opening” based on forecast predictions for improved weather and conditions by 7 AM, school officials will announce that schools will be closed. It is important that you continue to listen carefully for just such announcements.

Inclement Bus Stops
Inclement weather bus stops are available on the eSchool Parent Portal. Due to the geographic nature of our area, “inclement” weather stops will be utilized when adverse road conditions exist. At various times during the winter season, inclement weather bus stops will be used to ensure the safety of our student population. The use of these stops may be necessary at any time during the school day, without prior announcement. Parents should listen to the radio stations or call First Student Transit at 744-2204 if they have any questions regarding whether or not the Inclement Weather Bus Stops will be used. The district's voice mail will also have the announcement. Please make arrangements for someone to meet children at these alternate stops.



Math Fact Fluency for FJC Students!

Students holding artwork thumbnail228036
Students holding artwork thumbnail228037
Frank J. Carasiti Elementary School students are shoring up their math skills and getting ready for a festive fall season in the process. A recent math lesson for Ms. Julianne Warren and Mrs. Erin DeMarco’s second grade class turned math equations into fun with Candy Corn Fact Families.

The students enjoyed creating and solving the math addition and subtraction problems and coloring in their candy corns with crayons to practice and reinforce their fact fluency. Some students even challenged themselves with more advanced equations! Great job, Grade Two!

Date Added: 10/4/2022

FJC Students Learn Through Stories and STEM

Two students in front of a chart thumbnail224584
Student working at their desk thumbnail224585
Student working at their desk thumbnail224586
Student working at their desk thumbnail224587
A student in front of a chart thumbnail224588
Students in Mrs. Jennifer Meschi’s first grade class at Frank J. Carasiti Elementary School advanced on a reading assignment by turning it into a STEM project. Mrs. Meschi and the students read “Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon” by Patty Lovell. The story is about a young girl who takes her grandmother’s advice and is proud of the things that make her special and unique.

“We had a great discussion about all of the things that make each one of us unique and special,” Mrs. Meschi said. “They just warmed my heart with their responses!”

One of the story’s references to Molly Lou’s teeth was the inspiration for a follow-up STEM activity where the students predicted how many drops of water the surface of a penny could hold. They used an eye dropper to count how many drops the penny actually held. They conducted the experiment a few times, recorded their results and discussed with their classmates whether or not their results were different from their prediction and why.

Students learned that the water molecules bonded together to create a dome, allowing many more drops to be held than expected. They were able to keep the penny and dropper to try the experiment with a family member at home.

Date Added: 9/15/2022
Thursday, October 06, 2022   |  District Home