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Rocky Point Union Free School District Schools | Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate

525 Route 25A | Rocky Point, NY 11778
Phone: (631) 744-1600 | Fax: (631) 744-4898
Principal: Mrs. Linda Greening
Assistant Principal: Mr. Benjamin Paquette
Hours: 8:40 AM - 2:50 PM
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January 2023

Dear JAE Families,

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed the warmth and joy of time spent with family during the break, and that you enter the new year happy, healthy, and renewed. We are thrilled to see our students return, and ready for another exciting month here at JAE.

At the start of a new year it is a tradition to make a New Year’s Resolution, a goal to help you grow as another year begins. May 2023 be a year of hope, health, and growth for us all in only the most beautiful of ways. 

Please check out JAE’s  upcoming events for the month of January:

  • January 3rd- Welcome Back to School- Happy New Year!

  • January 9th- Board of Education Meeting- High School Auditorium- 7pm

  • January 9th-23rd- W.A.R.M. (We are Reading More) 

    • 1/9- W.A.R.M. Kickoff - Students will watch a video about W.A.R.M. in class

    • 1/10- Hats off to Reading - Wear a hat today

    • 1/13 - Show your Rocky Point Spirit- Wear Spirit Wear of Blue and White

    • 1/18- Reading Ties us Together- Wear a hair bow, bow tie, or a necktie

    • 1/19- The Great JAE Teacher Switch- Who will visit your class today?

    • 1/20- Get Cozy While you Read- Wear comfy, cozy clothes today

    • 1/23- Reading Celebration- Reading Celebration- Author Visit- Dan Gutman

    • 1/27- Teacher Races! Prizes Distributed

  • January 11th- Technology Committee Meeting- DO Large Conf. Rm -3pm

  • January 11th- Incoming 6th Grade Middle School Informational Meeting- 

HS Auditorium- 6:30 pm

  • January 13th- PTA Movie Night- HS Auditorium- 7pm

  • January 16th- Martin Luther King Jr. Day- (School Closed)

  • January 17th-24th- 4th Grade Field Trip- Brookhaven National Laboratory

  • January 18th- Shared Decision Making Meeting- 3pm

  • January 23rd- Wear Green for our character trait of the month- RESPONSIBILITY

We are excited to recognize our Students of the Month from December:

3rd Grade:

Emma Christensen

Serafina Sirico

Jayden Mastelli

Dominic Lasurdo

Blaze Carlino

Aaron Santos

Chase Yezierski

Sophia Spinelli

Adam Koenig

Madison Cruz

Jack Birchall

Michela Minardi

4th Grade:

Isabella St. Pierre

Ethan Mall

Luke Lupoli

Grady Weisman

Lillian Ozorio

Jaileen Gomez

Joseph Morelli

Holly Ramirez

Kaoru Hatta

Alexa Bove

5th Grade:

Michael Poveromo

Lauralai Brown

Collin Fishman

Giulietta Troise

John Bochicchio

Enza Troise

Layla Lambert

Gabriella Anderson

Anthony Velasquez-Vasquez


We also would like to congratulate our students who were selected by their teachers for the character trait of the month for November and December- RESPECT.

3rd Grade:

Ilaria Campanaella

Alexander Vale

Aarons Santos

Emma Wurm

Yohansell Reyes

Harper Albertelli

Ismael Lopez

Connor Oliva

Brielle Bory

Emma Christensen

Sarah Diaz Galo

4th Grade:

Christian Kinderman

Faith Abbe

Mia Williams

Caiden Barrett

Addisyn Burns

Allison Sandars

Cayden Sorbarzo

Corrine Gabriel

Mason Costantini

Lily Cook


5th Grade: 

Dominick Casoria

Gianni Catapano

Bella Renois

Witta Lin

Danny Biliki

Sophia Marcano

Jack Zipfel

Steven Crawford

Mia Baier

Olivia Prevete

 Special Areas: 

Music- Owen Bouton and Joshua Rebecchi

Technology – Joshua Rebecchi

Library – Corrine Gabriel

Physical Education – Janaya Bonilla and Lucas Veraldi

Art – Mairead Vu

Character Education Update:

Our third pillar in our Character Counts education program is RESPONSIBILITY.  We will be learning about and practicing this pillar for the months of January and February.  Our school counselors will be teaching lessons on responsibility in the classrooms throughout the coming weeks.   Students and staff are encouraged to wear GREEN on Monday, January 23rd for RESPONSIBILITY.


Students will learn that responsibility is: 

  • Being accountable for your own behavior.

  • Doing things you are supposed to do and accepting the results of your actions.

  • Making good choices.

  • Keeping your word and being dependable so people can count on you.

  • Doing something to the best of your ability.


Ideas to help your child think about responsibility: 

  • Brainstorm a list of things that show you are responsible.

  • Learn how to make a simple meal.

  • Make sure to go to bed and get up on time.

  • Learn how to solve conflict in a positive way.

  • Volunteer to do a chore around the house.


Friendly Reminders:

As it continues to be cold outside, we wanted to take a moment to remind families to make sure students are dressed to participate in outdoor recess and/or physical education. Please make sure students come to school with their coats, gloves, and hats, as we will be going outside as often as we can. We also ask that all clothing and accessories be labeled with your child’s name so that misplaced items can be returned.

Please remember that there are two entrances for student drop off. Regardless of the students’ grade level both the third grade entrance and the main entrance should be utilized in the morning. To keep the traffic flowing, your child should use the entrance closest to where you stop in the drop-off lane. 

Thank you for all you do for our community, and for making JAE such a wonderful place to be.


 Mrs. Linda Greening              Mr. Benjamin Paquette

      JAE Principal                   JAE Assistant Principal



JAE’s Dirty Paint Pour!

Rocky Point logo on a white background thumbnail240320

Click here to view the video.

Date Added: 1/23/2023

We Are Reading More!

A teacher reading students a book and smiling thumbnail240152

It is certainly WARM in Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School!

Students are engaged in many reading activities, celebrating the colder days of January with WARM (We Are Reading More). School librarian Mrs. Monica DiGiovanni coordinated many encouraging reading activities for students with Book-opoly, a game board with fun challenges, including reading for 30 minutes per day, selecting a book from SORA, choosing a nonfiction book, sharing a story with a sibling and even reading with a flashlight! One of the highlights of the two-week festivities was the Teacher Switch, where Mrs. DiGiovanni made an announcement and a surprise reader entered their classroom on Jan. 19 to find someone new at the desk! A short story was read in each classroom for students to experience the reading strengths of various voices.

“Teachers, nurses, aides, secretaries, special-area teachers and administration all switched with various classroom teachers,” Mrs. DiGiovanni said. “It was a fun morning for everyone!”

Click here to view the slideshow.

Date Added: 1/19/2023

The Colors of Love at JAE!

Student working on their picture sort and smiling thumbnail240046
Student working on their picture sort and smiling thumbnail240047
Student working on their picture sort and smiling thumbnail240048
Student working on their picture sort and smiling thumbnail240049
Student working on their picture sort and smiling thumbnail240050
Student working on their picture sort and smiling thumbnail240051
Student working on their picture sort and smiling thumbnail240052
Student working on their picture sort and smiling thumbnail240053
Artwork on display thumbnail240054
JAE students in Mrs. Gina Hale’s class celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day by learning about fairness, love and equality. They used a picture sort to understand the difference between fair and unfair. Students expressed how we should love and respect everyone. One student, Peyton Zambuto, even said, “Thank goodness for Martin Luther King, or we wouldn’t be able to all be together!” They also finger-painted hearts that symbolized love coming in all different colors. The finished projects hang in the hallway to share in the mission of spreading kindness and love.

Date Added: 1/18/2023

Lightbulb Ideas from JAE!

Students working on their projects at their desks thumbnail239834
Students working on their projects at their desks thumbnail239835
Students working on their projects at their desks thumbnail239836
Third graders in Ms. Kim Smokler’s class at JAE are working together and learning to problem-solve by figuring out four ways to light a bulb.

The unit on electricity is teaching them how a circuit is a path which electricity travels. The electricity must have a source (dry cell battery), a path (aluminum foil), and a user for the flow of electrons (bulb). The students will build their own complete circuits as they are discovering simple circuits, parallel circuits and series circuits. The students will also use their complete circuits as an electric indicator to determine what types of materials conduct electricity (conductors/insulators). 

“As scientists, we have been relating this to our lives and learning how electricity is generated, used and how safety features such as fuses and circuit breakers prevent overheating and fires,” Ms. Smokler said.

The students also engaged in a conversation on how holiday lights are wired as well as how their homes are wired with alternate paths, in a series circuit, so everything wouldn’t turn off at once. They all related to this as the “lightbulbs” went on in their heads when using too many electrical devices in their homes causes the circuit breaker to pop or open. 

Ms. Smokler shared that the PTA supplied activities and materials and librarian Mrs. Monica DiGiavonni’s library lessons sparked the idea for the science lesson.

Date Added: 1/12/2022

JAE Chorus Ensembles Spread Holiday Cheer at Winter Concert!

Adult setting up a microphone for students in the chorus thumbnail238169

Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School held its Winter Concert on Dec. 6 in the High School auditorium.

The JAE Grade 3 Beginner Chorus and the JAE Grade 4 and 5 Intermediate Chorus, both under the direction of JAE School Chorus Director Mr. Craig Knapp, performed a cheerful, festive and challenging program of holiday and winter-themed music. The students performed magnificently, and the concert was extremely well-received by the audience. 

“I am so proud of the JAE Chorus students,” said Mr. Knapp, who is also the District’s K-5 music department chairperson. “The chorus members worked extremely hard preparing for their concert. Eleven weeks is a relatively short time to put together a performance, and these kids truly rose to the occasion! The children were focused on stage, they did a remarkable job of watching me and they sang with great artistry, beautiful sensitivity, excellent diction and a lovely and gentle tone quality. It was an absolutely delightful evening of heartwarming and merry music-making. The children were so proud and were glowing with happiness before, during and after the performance. Congratulations to both of the JAE chorus ensembles. I am very proud of these incredible student musicians, and I’m honored to be their teacher.”

JAE Principal Mrs. Linda Greening added, “It was a wonderful evening for JAE families to come together, celebrate the students’ hard work and dedication, and get into the holiday spirit. The students’ remarkable performance filled hearts with joy and spread holiday cheer to all of those in attendance.”

Click here to view the slideshow.

Date Added: 12/9/2022

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