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Principal: Susann Crossan
Assistant Principals: Michael Gabriel, Joseph Tapler
School Hours: 7:15 AM - 1:22 PM

March 2017

The winter months are quickly flying by, and we are certainly looking forward to the warmer weather and bright sunshine that spring brings.  Students at the high school are participating in a variety of learning activities.  We recently hosted “Challenge Day” where 135 students and staff members participated in a full-day program to help build a positive school culture.  The event focused on ways the participants could help to create a world where everyone feels safe and supported.  The attendees participated in activities designed to promote connections and bonding and to provide comfort by knowing we all experience similar life situations; thus we are not alone.  During the next few weeks forty students will be participating in a STEM program in conjunction with Stony Brook University.  Students will attend four afternoon workshop sessions at Stony Brook studying Bioscience, Programming with Python, Botany, and Real World Uses of Mathematics.  We are excited to participate in the program and would like to thank Senator LaValles’s office for awarding us with a grant for this program.  I am looking forward to our first ever “Night of Strings on March 7th, where one hundred and ninety-two students in grades six through twelve will perform in the grand finale.  I hope you are able to attend.  

I am very proud of many recent student accomplishments.  Three of our students recently earned top honors for their original science research projects entered in two prestigious competitions.  I would like to congratulate Pooja Deshpande, Kyle Markland, and Jade Pinkenburg for their individual scientific research and for being recognized for their accomplishments.  I also would like to congratulate our Varsity Wrestling team for winning the Suffolk County Dual Meet Championship and the Suffolk County Tournament Championship.  Congratulations to Anthony Cirillo and Anthony Sciotto who placed second and third, respectively, in the New York State Tournament.  This was the most successful season for our wrestling program to date.  Our Varsity Cheerleaders also captured the 2017 Suffolk County Championship and have qualified to attend at the state competition.  These ladies are to be commended for their outstanding dedication and determination throughout their competitive season.  Christopher O’Shea won his events in the Suffolk County Swimming Championships and will be competing at the state level.  In addition, it is important to note that eight students from our music department were selected to participate in the Division III All County festival.   

March is a very busy month for students and staff as we continue to prepare for upcoming state assessments and begin the process of preparing for the next school year.  Currently, all students in grades nine through eleven are meeting with our guidance staff to complete the course selection process.  It is important to speak with your children about their goals and future plans so their educational schedules are aligned.  I encourage students to take advantage of the many elective classes that are offered to enrich their educational experience.  Our course guide is available on the school website for you to review with your child.  Parents will be able to review student course selections via the parent portal and request changes during the middle of the month.  If you have any questions, please contact your child’s guidance counselor.

Upcoming events at Rocky Point High School include:

Friday, March 3 & Saturday, March 4, 2017 HS Musical – The Sound of Music – 7:30 p.m.
Monday, March 6, 2017 First day of Spring Sports
Tuesday, March 7, 2017 A Night of Strings – 7:30 pm
Sunday, March 12, 2017 Daylight Savings Time Begins

Susann Crossan, Principal

“The mission of Rocky Point High School is to empower our students to be ready to learn,
to be ready for life, and to have the courage to do what is right”

 Positive Attitude and Actions will make a difference!
“Better happens when nobody’s watching.”

Stay to the right: -when you walk in the halls, when you drive in your car, and when you make decisions,
Always remember to do what is RIGHT!

Be polite: -use words like please, thank-you, and excuse me
-practice good listening techniques and develop patience

Keep it clean: -have pride in our facility; keep the building, the cafeteria and your lockers clean
-use clean language; using inappropriate curse words reflect your character

Lock it don’t lose it:
-you are responsible to spin the dial and lock your locker after each use
-cell phones need to be turned off and out of sight during the school day

Watch your web: -college admissions, coaches/recruiters and employers all search and review social media
-be conscientious of what you post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
-inappropriate, hurtful posts on social media that disrupt our learning environment will
result in disciplinary action

Dress your best: -clothing that is too revealing or distasteful is not acceptable
-school is where you work and learning is your job; your dress should reflect this

Nothing but nice: -comments don’t have to be mean or hurtful
-if criticisms are not constructive, please keep them to yourself until you are able to restate
them in a positive way

Enhance your transcript and résumé each day:
-your transcript is a reflection of your ability and work ethic; work towards the most
advanced diploma possible
-your résumé summarizes your character and leadership qualities including
extra-curricular activities, volunteer work, and employment
-student engagement is essential for learning; be accountable for your future

Attendance counts:
-attendance is a reflection of your commitment and work ethic
-students are required to be present for 8 periods each day
-no more that 28 absences for full year course or 14 days for half-year course

Promote Rocky Point Pride:
-get involved and support each other through academics, clubs, music, theater, and sports!
- be kind and promote acceptance; the character of the student body dictates the culture of
our school. Do your part to make Rocky Point High School the best we can be!

“Every moment of our journey is leading to something bigger. It’s up to you to read each
situation, make every decision, and control the flow of the game…..and your life!”
Dream Big!

Science Research Awards

Rocky Point High School senior Pooja Deshpande and juniors Kyle Markland and Jade Pinkenburg recently earned top honors for their original research projects during two prestigious competitions.

The students were selected to present at the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium after submitting papers describing their research and each were named semifinalists. As a result of their presentations, Jade received third place in the biology division and Kyle received first place in the math and computer science division, which advances him to the next round of competition.

In addition to this contest, both Pooja and Kyle presented their research at the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair and Kyle was selected to advance to the next round of that competition as well.

Project Overviews:

Pooja Deshpande: (Two Projects)
Project Title: (JSHS) The Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Plant Seeds
Pooja explored seeds that had been exposed to ionizing radiation at a tandem accelerator at Brookhaven National Laboratory. They were grown in order to assess the effects of the radiation on survival and growth of seeds. This has potential applications to the problem of growing food in space.

Project Title: (LISEF) Characterizing recovery of functional motor behaviors after rostral and caudal cervical spinal cord injuries in adult rats.
Pooja worked over the summer in a lab at Stony Brook University where she monitored the recovery of rats after they were surgically injured in order to better understand how injuries to the nervous system can be treated.

Kyle Markland:
Project Title: Improving GPS Accuracy through Integration of an IMU and Novel Software
Kyle wrote software to integrate an IMU (inertial measurement unit) into a GPS system in order to see if the accuracy of the GPS could be improved. GPS accuracy will need to be improved to successfully navigate self-driving cars.

Jade Pinkenburg:
Project Title: Interspecies Gene Transfer
Jade's experiment looked at whether genes could be exchanged between bacteria and several other species of protists and fungi in a process known as horizontal gene transfer. This has implications in better understanding how genetic diversity has arisen in species.

Budding Business Entrepreneurs

Juniors and seniors enrolled in Rocky Point High School’s Virtual Enterprises class are learning about the complex business world in a hands-on way, as they have conceptualized and designed a budding business from the ground up.

As part of the full year elective, the students created a multi-faceted business plan focused on a video game streaming company they called “OmniStreem – All Powerful Gaming” and assumed different managerial and associate positions within the organization. Working in small teams or business departments they devised a marketing plan, analyzed company profitability, reviewed current industry offerings and constructed a full financial report on the proposed company.
“Through all of these activities, VE students learn professionalism, business acumen, corporate knowledge, presentation skills and teamwork,” said teacher Dorothy Burns. “Students also develop hands-on knowledge of the expectations of both the workplace and the global economy as VE replicates all the functions of a real business.”

The students presented their completed project during this year’s Virtual Enterprises Long Island Trade Show and Business Plan Presentation at Farmingdale State College. Out of more than 40 firms represented at the event, Rocky Point won third place for “most creative firm.”

In addition to the entrepreneurial skills acquired, the students also learned valuable job market lessons, as they were required to complete a job application and recruitment process. Throughout the course they also gained valuable insight from a variety of professionals, including those serving on the Brookhaven Business Advisory Council.

VE is an in-school, live, global business simulation that places emphasis on project-based, collaborative learning and the development of entrepreneurial skills. This experiential learning model program is made up of a global network of student-run businesses in over 40 countries. It transforms high school students into business professionals and their classrooms into offices.

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