Rocky Point Union Free School District Parents/Students | Emergency Contact Verification Info

Contact Verification – eSchool Parent Portal 

Available in Adobe PDF

Contact Verification Form is now available on the eSchool Parent Portal and allows custodial Guardians to update their student’s contacts online.  When you log into the Parent Portal, click the Contact Verification button on the student’s Profile page to open their Contact Verification Form.  YOU MUST COMPLETE A FORM FOR EACH CHILD.  BE SURE TO CLICK ON EACH PROFILE SEPARATELY TO ENSURE THE EMERGENCY CONTACTS ARE ACCURATE.

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The Contact Verification Form has sections for Student Information, Guardian Information (Primary Guardian and Guardian 2, when both live in the household), Emergency Contact Information, and Physician Information.  Custodial guardians living outside the household can update only the student’s Cell Phone and their personal Guardian Information.  In the Emergency Contact Information section, parents can add/delete/update emergency contact information (Address is optional). 


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If Address is checked, parents can indicate that the address is the Same as Student Household (which automatically hides the address entry fields), or add/edit the emergency contact’s address.

In the Physician Information section, parents can add/delete/update physician information (Address is optional, and functions the same as in the Emergency Contact section).  Click Verify to verify the student’s contacts. Verified contacts are automatically updated in the eSD® system.