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January 2024


Dear JAE Families,


JAE really “W.A.R.M.ed” up the month of January with the “We are Reading More” program. It was a wonderful month -long event that encouraged and celebrated reading led by Ms. DiGiovanni and supported by the RPPTA. 

We are confident that Kindness Week, beginning on February 12th will warm our hearts, and the Kids Heart Challenge will keep us moving on the long, cold days of February.
Although it is a short month, there are a lot of things taking place at JAE this month! Please check out JAE’s  upcoming events for the month of February:
  • February 1st- February 7th- “Soup”er Bowl of Caring- (please bring in non-perishable food items to donate to a local food charity)
  • February 1st- February 29th- Kids Heart Challenge
  • February 1st- Health & Safety Committee Meeting- DO Lg. Conf. Room- 3pm
  • February 5th- Harlem Wizards Assembly
  • February 5th- Budget Forum #1- HS Auditorium 6pm
  • February 5th- Board of Education Meeting- High School Auditorium- 7pm
  • February 14th- Shared Decision Making Meeting- 3pm
  • February 12th-16th- Kindness Week
  • Monday- “Kickoff to Kindness Week”- Wear your favorite Team gear!
  • Tuesday- “Crazy for Kindness”- Crazy clothes, socks, or hair day!
  • Wednesday- “Peace, Love, and Kindness”- Wear red or Valentine’s Day clothes
  • Thursday- “Dreaming of Kindness”- Pajama Day or Comfy Cozy Clothing
  • Friday- “Kindness/ Spirit Wear”- Wear shirts with kindness messages or show school spirit!
  • February 19th- President's Day
  • February 19th-23rd- Mid-Winter Recess- School Closed 

Eagle POWER Students of the Month for November:

3rd Grade:

 Isabelle Guldi
Logan Higley
Charlee Hall
Leia Luppino
Ava Rasser
Emilia Russo
Sean Borella
Jake Mundinger
Gianna Umanzor

 4th Grade:

Athena Heaney
Anthony Natale
Julianna Vecchione
Azra Kurun
Lily Polizzi
Isabella Cascione
Oliver Delgado Tavares
Ava Edge
Dominic Lasurdo 

5th Grade:

Kylie McGee
Liliana Cook
Phoebe Cohn
Endy Ackerman
Kaoru Hatta
Mason Constantini
Savannah Soyka
Aria Soto
Mia Williams
Mason Pepper


 Special Areas: 

Music- Lindsey Lange
Technology – Anthony Garcia
Library –Ava Edge
Physical Education – Kaitlin Neligon & Marco Esposito
Art – Kate O’Brien
STEAM - Sezer Karatepe
Mr. Giannetto - Sophia Molinaro
Ms. Smokler - AIS Reading - Landon Ryan
Ms. Smokler - AIS Math - Devin McMahon

We would like to recognize our Artist of the Month as well: 

5th Grade: Cooper Owens, Jaileen Gomez, Isabella Guido, Liliana Gomez
4th Grade: Emma Christiansen, Ilaria Campanella, Milo Hinst
3rd Grade:Evan Riggs, Ella Polzella

Honorable Mention Runner Ups:

5th Grade: Taylor Bruce, Paige Houck, Mariel Solano, Riley Crowe, Caleb Casserly, Elizabeth Lennihan, Kayden Puckey

4th Grade: Thomas Barton, Catherine Van Horne, Dina Gomez-Ramirez, Emma Wurm, Christopher Lambert, Chase Molinaro
  3rd Grade: Anthony Buonconsiglio, Aliyah Rebecchi, Michael Scanlan, Keria Atanasio, Dylan Johnson, Victoria Savage, Luca Picarella, Gabriel Steigerwald, Sophia Molinaro
Friendly Reminders:
With Valentine’s Day just over a week away, we wanted to remind you about goody bags and/or treat bags. According to the district wellness policy we may not distribute any goody bags/treat bags during the school day if they contain ANY food items. If you choose to send in goody/treat bags for Valentine’s Day please remember that, according to district policy, they cannot contain any food items. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
As it continues to be cold outside, we wanted to take a moment to remind families to make sure students are dressed to participate in outdoor recess and/or physical education. Please make sure students come to school with their coats, gloves, and hats, as we will be going outside as often as we can. We also ask that all clothing and accessories be labeled with your child’s name so that misplaced items can be returned.
Thank you for all you do for our community, and for making JAE such a wonderful place to be.


Mrs. Linda Greening, JAE Principal

Mr. Benjamin Paquette, JAE Assistant Principal

JAE Band and Orchestra Rehearsals Underway!

students and faculty thumbnail255253

After months of eager anticipation and preparation, full morning rehearsals for band and orchestra are underway at JAE! The fourth and fifth grade instrumental students have been working hard in weekly, small-group lessons since September and are excited that the morning full ensemble rehearsals have begun. In early January, the students were beaming with a sense of wonder and excitement as they entered the JAE Old Gym for their first full-group practices. This is a huge step in their growth and development as young student musicians. Students in band and orchestra will continue to participate in weekly rehearsals before school to prepare for their upcoming spring concerts. Of particular note is the addition of fourth grade into the instrumental music program. This is the first time in over 30 years that band and orchestra are available for fourth grade students in the Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School.

“Our first rehearsals have been such a blast!” JAE 4th and 5th Grade Band Director Cailyn Monastero said. “It is exciting for the students to now showcase the work they have done during their small group lessons and transition their knowledge into a brand-new, large-group setting with all of their peers.”

“It was so exciting to begin rehearsals with the 4th and 5th Grade JAE Orchestras!” JAE 4th and 5th Grade Orchestra Director David Ventura added. “The students in both groups are doing an amazing job of playing together and following directions. They were so enthusiastic to finally make music as a group. Students were so willing to help one another with all of the procedures that make an orchestra rehearsal successful. Most importantly, the students are giving their best effort to play music together as a team.”

A joint message from Rocky Point Elementary Music Department Chairpersons Mr. Craig Knapp and Ms. Amy Schecher read: “The joy and excitement in the room has been incredible for the first band and orchestra rehearsals! The level of focus the children are demonstrating is stellar. The social-emotional learning benefits of being a member of a music ensemble are profound, because it is an inherently social activity. Being involved in a performing arts ensemble elicits an emotional response. Neuroscience suggests that when people create music together, pathways in their brain light up to reflect the affective state of consciousness and behaviors that the other person is feeling. The high-quality music instruction the students receive at JAE encourages self-awareness as they improve their own performance skills. Our music education model requires the collective interaction of all students and their instructor. Our music teachers encourage students to establish their own musical goals and they create an environment where students can formulate solutions for individual or group inaccuracies. Self-reflection, teamwork and shared successes and failures are also a formula for building empathy. Participating in ensemble music is essentially preparation for living in society, with the added benefit of learning musical content in a fun environment. We are very proud of the work that both Ms. Monastero and Mr. Ventura are doing to provide such meaningful musical experiences for the students at JAE! We would also like to thank the Rocky Point administration and Board of Education for all of their support, particularly the reintroduction of the instrumental program at grade 4.”

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 2/16/2024

JAE’s “Soup”er Bowl Celebration!

students and faculty thumbnail254861

What if everyone who planned to watch the Super Bowl on Feb. 11 gave just one can of soup to a local food charity?

That was the question fourth grade teachers at Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School asked to kickstart their annual “Soup”er Bowl Celebration. Students, families and staff members have been generous in their giving to tackle hunger in the local community. The school has collected more than 200 cans of food items.

Teacher Deborah Vieira asked her students why they were collecting food items during this time of year and the replies were heartwarming. Helping those in the community who need care was the No. 1 answer. It is just one more way that JAE students continue to learn beliefs and behaviors that are important for them to have as responsible citizens.

The nonperishable food items will be donated to the food pantry at Long Island Lending a Helping Hand.

Thank you to our JAE school community and fourth grade classes for putting the super in “Soup”er Bowl!

Date Added: 2/7/2024

Students Bring Movement & Play Into Learning

Student walking on a floormat thumbnail254655
JAE students are learning to engage their whole body in technology classes with an active floor projector, an interactive and collaborative technology that projects the selected activity on the floor. Students step and/or move to navigate and play. Teacher Laurie Berretta set up a lesson on homophones with fourth graders. Played similar to a memory game, the students would step on a square and memorize where a match would be for points. The students also played a bike race game where they worked in small teams, building camaraderie, encouraging one another and strategizing movements. There are various subjects, themes and learning games all designed to bring movement and play into learning. The projector is a fun and physically active way to stimulate the neurons that store information, supporting the idea that movement supports memory and growth.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 1/31/2024

Personal Narrative Essays Written With Love

Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School fourth graders thumbnail254591
Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School fourth graders thumbnail254592
Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School fourth graders thumbnail254593
Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School fourth graders thumbnail254594

When Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School fourth grade teacher Theresa O’Brien tasked her students with an assignment, they put their thinking caps on and got right to work. The personal narrative essays that each of them wrote were based on a person who made a difference in each of their lives. From Brielle Crane’s mom who gave her child courage to ski, stating, “You can do anything,” to Christopher Lambert’s dad who has taught him to use positive thinking when he experiences sadness, the students shared their sentiments about those who have affected or influenced their lives. Favorite coaches, cousins, grandparents, siblings and others were featured, and copies of the final projects hang proudly in the hallway for all to view.

The original pieces? They were presented at the holidays by each student who read their essay to their special person.

“We had to really think hard about what to write and how to describe the person,” student Adam Koenig said. Adam shared a story about his papa who taught him the patience and persistence of fishing and his encouraging, positive, adventurous and enthusiastic ways.

Date Added: 1/30/2024


Two students smiling at the camera thumbnail254289
Looking for some stock market tips?

The Rocky Point school community is beaming with pride as it celebrates two students from Mr. Falcone, Ms. Friedman and Mr. Friscia’s fifth grade class. Taylor Bruce and Kenley Sontag won first place in the Long Island Fall 2023 Stock Market Game in the Elementary Division. The Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School students worked as a team and competed against numerous teams from schools across Long Island. Their efforts helped them to build a fundamental understanding of investing along with real-world skills and practice in math, English language arts, economics, social studies and other subjects.

The Stock Market Game engages students in grades 4-12 in the world of finance and prepares them to live financially independent lives. The Stock Market Game is an online simulation of global capital markets that engages students in grades 4-12 in the world of economics, investing and personal finance. Teachers implement the program in their classrooms or as an after-school club. The team was part of the Fall Competitive Session, which took place from October through December.

Taylor and Kenley enjoyed the learning process and researched some favorite companies including Dairy Queen, Macy’s, Meta, Sephora, Ulta and Wendy’s. Each team starts with $100,000 to invest in the Stock Market Game. Taylor and Kenley finished with an investment portfolio of $124,030.16. The team’s biggest investment holding was Macy’s (ticker symbol: M).

The two winners are not resting on their laurels – they are looking forward to participating again in the spring 2024 competition because teamwork makes the dream work!

Date Added: 1/22/2024