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Principal: Mrs. Meyers

Assistant Principal: Dr. Herbert

School Hours: 7:15 AM - 1:41 PM


Important Information

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Principal's Message

September 2023

Dear Parents and Guardians:

      I am extremely excited for the 2023-24 school year! There are so many great changes in our building and throughout the district. Our nine-period day will certainly elevate the students educational experience. I want to thank our PTA for organizing such a fabulous kick-off event for our incoming 6th grade students at our August BBQ. This event aided in their transition and eased the students’ anxiety as they met up with their classmates, explored the school with their new schedules in hand and practiced using their lockers. Their smiling faces lit up the halls once again, and they seemed excited to begin their time at the Middle School.

We are looking forward to getting reacquainted with many parents and students, as well as meeting our first time parents and students as they embark on their middle school experience. Please consider this letter the first step towards establishing a strong and effective working relationship between home and school. This year at RPMS, we will continue to encourage all children to embrace their “Rocky Point PRIDE,” and consider the values of “participation, respect, integrity, diversity and excellence” in their daily choices and interactions.

Middle School Fall sports are set to begin for our 7th and 8th grade students on Wednesday, September 6th. Any student who wants to participate in athletics is required to have a current physical that has been verified by our school physician, as well create an account Family ID before they can be cleared to participate. Clubs will begin during the upcoming two weeks and meet every two weeks. Clubs will be announced in our Bi-Weekly Flyer which will be emailed to you every two weeks. Please note, there is a tab for the “Bi-Weekly Flyer” located on the RPMS web page. RPMS Pictures are scheduled for September 21st and 22nd during the student’s Physical Education class. In addition, RPMS Open School Night will be held on Thursday, September 14th at 7PM. Parents will report to their child’s “Advisory” class first that evening, where they will receive a copy of their child’s schedule.

I look forward to maintaining open lines of communication with you in the hopes of creating an experience that is successful socially, emotionally, and academically. This experience is only possible with an equal commitment, cooperation and interaction among students, parents and staff. On that note, we met with the students for a “Code of Conduct” Assembly on Wednesday, Sept.6th. We discussed many expectations, practices and policies in the RPMS. We ask that you review these guidelines with your child (located in their agenda books) and work with us to keep the building running safe and distraction free. Also, please be sure to update any and all emergency information on the parent portal as soon as possible, as well as, keeping our Health Office informed. Providing updated parent/guardian e-mail addresses will ensure that you receive the monthly newsletter and other important information.

  Teachers will announce when Extra Help will be offered in their Google Classrooms and it will take place after school from 1:43 PM - 2:08 PM. Students may then take the 2:10 bus home, or stay for a club or sport. As a reminder, if your child is driven to school in the morning, student drop off (6:50AM-7:10AM) will take place at the back High School tennis court area.

Please continue to check The RPMS “Virtual Book Bag” to view flyers and important information at the Middle School and in the community. Please visit our Virtual Book Bag site:

We know that the 2023-24 school year will be a year of excitement and achievement. Working together as a school and community partnership, we can ensure that all students are successful. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to administration with any questions via email or telephone at 631-744-1600.

Dawn Meyers


Calendar of important dates for June 2023

Contact Information

Area of Concern Person to Contact Phone Number
To schedule a meeting with your child’s team of teachers Guidance Office 744-1600, ext. 7311/7312
Classwork Teacher 744-1603
Curriculum and Grading Teacher 744-1603
Student-Teacher Relationship Teacher, then Counselor 744-1603
Student Progress Teacher; then Counselor; then Administration 744-1603
School Policy Ms. Meyers, Principal 744-1600, ext. 7302/7203
School Program Ms. Meyers, Principal 744-1600, ext. 7302/7303
Absences or Tardiness, Homework Requests Absences can be called in to the attendance line 24 hours 744-1600, ext 7304
Student Behavior, School Bus Incidents Dr. Herbert, Assistant Principal 744-1600, ext. 7303
School Accident or Illness/ Health Office Mrs. Nash/Ms. Firrello, School Nurses 744-1600, ext 7334/7335

Mission Statement

To promote a middle school environment where the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of all students are addressed through respect, pride, and a commitment to quality and excellence.

The ABCs of ASL

ASL Students thumbnail249492

The Rocky Point School District has started the 2023-24 school year with its Strategic Plan firmly in place. As part of its student-centered learning initiative, American Sign Language courses have been added as new electives for Rocky Point Middle School seventh graders and Rocky Point High School freshmen through seniors.

At the Middle School, Mrs. Eileen Fioto stood silently taking attendance of the 20 students in her class, finger spelling their names with silent replies from each student. It was an impressive display of excellence and student ownership of learning, especially since it was only the seventh day of class. She continued the class by assisting the students in mastering their sign language skills.

Mrs. Fioto and Mrs. Debbie Elcik, who teaches the class at the High School, use similar lessons to engage the students. The seventh grade introductory course covers the first half of the High School’s ASL curriculum. The goal of the course is for students to achieve functional communication in the context of the Deaf culture. They are learning the development of receptive, expressive and interactive skills as a foundation for effective communication in ASL. Deaf culture will be explored and students will interact using ASL. Students will move on to American Sign Language I in eighth grade to complete the second half of the level I curriculum.

The seventh graders also reviewed the rules and tips of finger spelling, number one being to relax and not to panic, being patient, stabilizing their elbow, maintaining a constant rhythm and avoiding mouthing the letters. They also practiced with a partner, finger spelling a three-letter name and helping to be sure their partner understood each letter by pausing between letters.

“We are pleased with the start of this program and foresee its success, as students have both a voice and a choice in their learning as well as a sense of ownership over their individual achievements and experiences,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. Scott O’Brien said.

These creative learning environments will also highly motivate students, make space for all learning styles and promote development of mastery skills, individualization, interaction and integration.

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Date Added: 9/15/2023

Rocky Point Remembers

Rocky Point Middle School students and staff thumbnail249326

Rocky Point Middle School students and staff were among the many in the school community to wear red, white and blue in observance of Patriot Day. The students and staff honored those who lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001.

Date Added: 9/11/2023

Middle School Days Are Off to a Great Start!

Students on First Day of School thumbnail249294
Students on First Day of School thumbnail249295
Rocky Point Middle School students are off to a great school year of excitement and achievement! Among the changes at the school are the nine-period day with many opportunities to elevate the students’ educational experience. Students also attended a Code of Conduct assembly on the first day of classes to understand and talk about the many expectations, practices and policies in the school.

“This year at RPMS, we will continue to encourage all children to embrace their Rocky Point pride, and consider the values of participation, respect, integrity, diversity and excellence in their daily choices and interactions,” Principal Dawn Meyers said.