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Child Nutrition


JUST A REMINDER:  All negative meal account balances
are to be paid in full by the last day of school.  

 Fall 2019: New Free and Reduced Price Meal applications MUST be submitted every school year and are due by MONDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2019.  You can remit your completed form to the HS Main Office Child Nutrition/ Café mailbox. Thank you very much and Have a Healthy, Happy Summer


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The Rocky Point Breakfast/Lunch Program strives to provide your child with the most nutritious meals. Fresh fruits & vegetables are used daily. Our program follows strict NYS guidelines relating to Nutrition and Department of Health regulations. Please feel free to contact this office with any questions or concerns at 849-7550. 


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Cost 2019-2020
Cost 2019-2020
FJC Elementary
JAE Intermediate
Middle School
High School
Free Breakfast/Lunch
No charge
No charge
Reduced Breakfast/Lunch
No charge
No charge

Our breakfast and lunch menus are available online. They will be updated monthly.

Some Commonly Asked Questions 

1. Will this computerization change my daughter's/son's access to breakfast or lunch?

No. The students will continue to use cards in the elementary and intermediate school. All children who want to purchase lunch will have a card which will be kept at the register. The High School student's will use their student ID number and type their number on a pin pad next to the register. The computer system has the capability to access a student's number if the student forgets.

2. Why should Rocky Point Child Nutrition Program be computerized?

Computerizing the breakfast and lunch program will speed up the lines; maintain accurate records on free, reduced, paid, and prepaid lunches. If you have any questions you can call the School Lunch Manager at 631-744-1600, extension 7550.

3. What is the National School Lunch Program?

The National School Lunch Program is a federally assisted meal program operating in more than 99,000 public and non-profit private schools and residential child care institutions. It provides nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to more than 25 million children each school day. In 1998, Congress expanded the National School Lunch Program to include reimbursement for snacks served to children in after school educational and enrichment programs to include children through 18 years of age. The Food and Nutrition Service administers the program at the Federal level. At the State level, the National School Lunch Program is usually administered by State education agencies, which operate the program through agreements with school food authorities.

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